Thailand – Consumeristic Experiences : Part 1 – Pattaya

So, a few months back, I went to Thailand for vacation, Pattaya & Bangkok.

This was a unique experience, with lot of wonders & observation of this tourist heaven.

First is Pattaya – so I went to Suvarnabhumi Airport, where my friend was waiting to pick me up..
Well, the first, and perhaps only non-consumeristic experience was here – I HAD to take a coach (with fixed timing, last coach leaves around 10 PM) to Pattaya, because the cabs are not well regulated and Uber is non-existent.

The Airport is fairly humble, nothing fancy, and I was greeted with this advertisement — so “fair skin” is fancied here, too—

At the airport, there is an amazing foodcourt just behind the exit gate, where you can have any delicious dish you want, just for 60 – 70 TBH ( 1 TBH = 2 INR = 0.03 USD)

(Of course, you should know what to eat!

So, I went to Pattaya, in a “Serviced Apartment” style suite (these are popular choice for tourists in Pattaya)

It was late at night, but well, there is this “7 11” chain of departmental stores all over Thailand, which is open 24×7!
There was one located just outside the suite, so I can eat & sleep happily!
Their “ready to cook” sea food is surprisingly super good! Its so good, that it’s not just ‘edible’, but you would start loving it!

The next day, bam! I noticed this beautiful swimming pool from my gallery, where a lot of Asian tourists families were playing with their children!

Then the Pattaya Beach!
It is HEAVEN if you love Seafood!

You can just relax on the beach, with cool breeze, and have some ladies doing a foot spa for you, while enjoying these delicacies –

And you can hire a bike just for 150 – 200 TBH per day!
The roads are very good, and you can really enjoy the ride if weather is cool..

Well, Pattaya is relaxed city, yes, surprisingly, very relaxed!
I mean when you walk down to the lanes like these, which are supposedly “busy” prime tourist locations, 
You will find most of the locals doing same kind of things all day long, (they seem to have businesses, but they are not exactly ‘running’ them!)

Well, one of the busiest place in Pattaya, something I liked most in Thailand, is their floating market!

Think of the modern mall – The place which is not just a shopping center, but it’s an “experience destination” where you can do a lot of things, and enjoy..

The floating market is the Medieval Asian version of the The Mall! Yes! Exactly!

The floating market is where you can get in a boat, eat, shop, listen to live music, (dance?), have a fish spa, relax, .. … ….
It’s a “Must Go” – an amazing experience!

And yes, here you can eat almost ANY kind of seafood / meat!
Interestingly, many of the service providers / shop owners in this market are not from Thailand, but they are from neighbouring countries with poor economy, like Combodia, Myanmar, Laos etc.

To be continued…

As you may have noticed, this post is unlike my typical blogs, which are mostly philosophy/tech/economics oriented, yet you will find glimpses of those in this post!