2017 => 2018

2017 has been The best time I have experienced till now!
It has been one of the most “human experience year” a for me.

Met a lot of super interesting people through social circles, each of them providing me incredibly unique experiences.
Although I continue to become more individualistic as usual, I have experienced life and emotions in different colors, lights and shades.

Some of the experiences that I dreaded to have before, happened with me, and it did change my perspectives over a lot of things, making me more “human” than before!
(Also, reinforced my philosophy of “Strong opinions, loosely held”)

In personal circle,
Sandesh Achari gave me a alternative perspective of things, and myself!

[ ] and Marwa Eltom lead me to the exploration of humanistic perspective and ideas, and indirectly taught me innovative new ways to interact with the world, with optimistic ideas and spreading happiness!
[ ] has profoundly impacted me and made me more “human”!

Circle of my close friends in constantly shrinking, and I have less number of close friends than before. (although, the diversity of the people I know personally is exponentially increasing!)

In professional circle,

Nickhil Jakatdar is a perfect example for me how a leader should/could be! (Nickhil I am closely observing you!)
A lot to learn!

Aniket Chitodkar has shown me the value of perseverance and patience. (Although you are my very close friend, I am mentioning you under “professional circle”! )

I have learned a lot from Amit Arora about how to manage things, despite of load/pressure, how to be calm and still manage everything very well!

Ashish Gawli (not on facebook) always encouraged me to do what I like doing the most! 🙂

By observing to Mansi Mehrotra , I have learned how to empathise with our users and how to make them happy! 🙂

Talking with Rohit, Ankush, Manas help me realize that all of us aren’t much different from each other after all, at our core! 😀

As an “experience engineer”, in 2017, I have focused more on the “Soft” parts, that is, empathising and understanding users to create better experiences, effectively co-ordinating with humans to solve problems and create value, and evangelising our products to the users, rather than the “hard” i.e. technology aspects of it.
[In my team, people have been calling me “content relationship manager”, and “release manger”, and, best of all, “auntie” of the team (this is by Rohit) these days! 😀 ]

As of 2018, I would have a resurged focus on the technology aspects (esp. early 2018), it is more like refining tools at my hand to create even better experiences and making my users even more happy!

[As you can see, this describes my professional life at greater lengths, but that’s a good representation of my life!
I disagree to even divide it like “personal” and “professional”, which I think aren’t different from each other]

Looking forward!

Note : [ ] includes a set of people I can not mention for various reasons.