A Case Against Conservation of Food

It’s irrational to be sensitive about food (or wastage / conservation of it).
  1. According to numerous statistics*, today there is more than enough food available on earth for everyone.
    Hunger is more of a distribution problem.So, we “conserving” food is not likely to affect or solve the problem.
  2. Food, is just like any other resource. In 2017, it shouldn’t receive any special treatment (especially now due to its abundance.)
    Liberal use of resources is a privilege for a resourceful individual. It’s a fact of life.
    We seamlessly consume most other resources without sensationalising it, why to give special treatment to the food?
  3. About the environmental impact : again, it’s a privilege, and a part of life like most other impactful activities!
    To environmentalist – instead of getting people into giving up their food choices and thus affecting overall happiness/prosperity, it’s more effective to provide (readily available) choices, which people may find more attractive.
In general, in a free market system, affordability of a resource gives inherent rights (including moral-ethical) to consume the resource in the way the individual wants.
Having it in any other way around is inefficient and ultimately unethical.

In this era, 21st century, the “humanist” era, we give individual freedom, happiness and comfort the highest regards. Coercing humans into conservation of any such abundantly available, reproducible resource is itself immoral in the context of modern ethics.


* http://www.fao.org/news/story/en/item/20568/icode/