A Case Against Discipline

What is discipline? What are rules? Regulations? Laws?

In a single sentence, these are the constraints to keep average, unmotivated, unintelligent or hazardous individuals in check!

Since we are born, governments and organisations, societies and families, relatives and parents try to enfornce some type of regulations, in one way or another. Some are called “laws” while others are called “Sanskar” (or “guidelines” in a mild tone).

And then there are those who break them, who are broadly categorized into three : Someone with malicious intentions, whole goal is gain individual benefits by any means, potentially hurting others,

and there are those with laziness, incompetence, or lack of motivation (well, with only motivation to avoid doing what they should be doing)

Yet, there is another category – highly motivated, elitist individuals with ambition and capability to create real value and positive impact in the world.


And the ecosystem understands it.

You might remember, when in school, there is always that guy in the class, who is praised by teachers for his intelligence. Who always get good grades, occasionally excelling in competitive exams.

Well, you might also remember, the same guy can usually gets away with not completing the homework, or coming late in class, or not following some arbitrary rule(s) in general.
Yes, he can always get away with it, making others angry or jealous.
But that’s the way the ecosystem was.

And then we enter in the real world, and we can’t help us not to notify the same phenomenon!

That guy is a successful businessman who has transformed the world into a better place, while not complying environmental regulations.

That guy is a colleague who is “not a team worker” who delivers on the most critical things in your team.

That guy is an innovator who is criticised for ethics, but single-handedly builds paradigm shifting tools.

That guy is a politician who transforms millions of lives while favoring his family members on that one board.

(And yes, That guy is a city in your neighbourhood which never gets the load shading of utilites, despite how “wasteful” the citizens are!)


And again, rules do not apply to that guy!

Because, I say again, rules are the constraints to keep average, unmotivated, unintelligent or hazardous individuals in check!

For one simple reason –

These constraints can and do tie their hands, reducing their productivity, effectiveness — something the ecosystem can not afford! Everything they do stands solid in a big picture. And that is for the greater good of the ecosystem, despite of the perceivable cons!
Further, those highly driven individuals also happen to be self-disciplined in terms of their ultimate micro and macro goals!

Those passionate, elite individuals thrive in an environment free of those obsolete constraints!

As we move forward in this knowledge based ecosystem, that guy is in demand more than ever! And that guy would be better of without discipline for the greater good!

“If someone tells you there’s a rule, break it. That’s the only way forward.” – Hans Zimmer