An ‘Industrial’ student

This is a story of a conventionally ‘failed’, yet practically ‘successful’ student.

This is me. The story begins as the admission of engineering – getting into ‘among the best’ colleges in the area – a ‘wannabe’ software engineer, excited about the journey further.

So the first year starts – maths, applied sciences, electronics, mechanics – wow! this was amazing! Now the second year! Most excited about first steps towards journey as a ‘software engineer’.

So, discrete math comes. So the data structures. So the algorithms. Computer Architecture. Processor interfacing. And yes, Advanced Mathematics!!

Ah! Those monsters! So hard! Really? This is the fundamentals? Is this what I want to do with life? The interest dwindles and the pain begins.

Now, the failure. The mathematics.

Every time I think about Mathematics, I remember the quote from Civilisation IV –
“If in other sciences we should arrive at certainty without doubt and truth without error, it behooves us to place the foundations of knowledge in mathematics.” – Roger Bacon

So inspiring! Yet so difficult – in terms of ‘hard work’ required!

My learning model has never taken into account the ‘hard work’ factor – it’s so simple for me – Open the books a day before finals, understand everything! Write what I understood!
This worked so well for theory exams, but not for the ‘foundation of knowledge – The Mathematics’. Alas, the failure.

The third year. Now there is light at the end of the tunnel. Databases – wow! Networking- wow! Web development – awesome!
Let’s start tinkering and building real stuff!
So much time spent in building web apps in the Java stack

The finals again!

Ah – the failure! The real one!!

One complete year! What to do ? What to do now?

Quora! Read – write – read again!

With great online presence- comes greater networking opportunities!
So now comes building ‘real stuff’ with ‘EasyPadhai’
PHP, MySQL and jQuery
Oh Mr. Chitambar was right! This is why I should normalise the database!

Ah, failure again! 🙁

Now, with great skills, comes greater opportunities!
Internship at a ‘proper’ company. Connvertex Technologies.
Build products. Think. Build. Learn.
Oh! They’re impressed! Now there’s ‘real job’ with real clients!
Think. Build more. Learn more.
Socialize more. Conduct interviews. Build real connections.
And those heaven-sent tech meetups! Amazing people, amazing times!

One complete year!

And now mathematics is done! 🙂

What did I learn?
It’s why to learn! Why to learn data structures. Why operating systems. Why DBMS. Why engineering?
Learning why all of this ‘matters’?
Learning why to go to college? What’s the meaning of all this?

What’s the outcome?
I’m a better, more mature person now!
Now I understand what matters, and what doesn’t.

Now what do to in college?
Understand concepts. Thoroughly. Apply those in the real world.
Understand people. Observe and learn. Connect with them.
Learn from others. Teach them.
Keep up with ‘Think – build – learn’. Build awesome things – as a consultant!
And yes, be hatke!

I think every engineering student should try to dive into the industry while studying just to understand why the things that they’re being ‘forced’ to do, matter!

Cheers! 🙂