Boycotts : Things that hurt modern consumers

For Indians who wish to “boycott Chinese products” (or manufactured goods from ‘X’ country in general) :
  1. Your government can’t “just do it” – as a member of World Trade Organization, having signed GATT, Discrimination and Quantitive restrictions of imports of foreign goods are prohibited (with some exceptions)
  2.  You can’t live with it! Most of the everyday goods you use today are partly, or fully manufactured in China!
    So, whenever you are buying ANYthing that is not an agricultural product, you are buying something from China!
  3. You are hurting your own economy – Indian manufacturing sector is not really in a very good shape – and some of them are not able to keep up with their overseas competitors, both technologically and financially.
    Campaigns like these are lobbied into its existence to artificially mess with free market forces – to balance out the lack of competence, under the mask of pseudo-nationalism.
    You can go back to your socialist past (pre 1990) to see how this hurt India’s economy, and ultimately the consumers.

India has achieved so much, since the globalization and liberalization of our economy, post 1990. It is not wise to reverse all the progress for some pseudo-nationalist propagandas.