A week of pragmatic decisions – Laptop

This week has been about decisions! Every single decision about life, universe and everything!


As @vgr points,

Oh God! I’m buying a new laptop now! And I want Ultrabook!!!
A simple, portable, developer-friendly ultrabook!
After a thorough research, I figured out that @vgr is telling the truth!
So what now?

There are two kinds of laptops.

  • Ones which are sold by Apple.
  • All the others which are not sold by Apple.

And the difference is distinct enough!
Let me quote it!

Apple sells worst kind of laptops, except all the others!

— Vishwajeet Vatharkar

Again, after going through Apple.com, I found that the Macbook Pro 13″ with Retina display is most suitable for me, the 16 GB RAM model..
And I visited nearby Apple Premium Reseller


Apple does not care enough to sell ‘customized’ laptops in India! So, what they sell is, preconfigured, 8 GB RAM model!
If at all I wish to order a 16 GB model, I need to place (and receive) order in US (through a friend or so) and after ordering, I might receive it after 1.5 to 2 months!

Decisions, Decisions again!
And I’m sticking with 8 GB Model available in India! It might cost me around 95000 to 100000 INR, which seems expensive, but this device is worthy of it’s cost, considering the fact that this is the best ultrabook in the universe at the moment!

Well, this might make me happy and motivate me to build something awesome to change the world!

Edit: I did end up purchasing Macbook pro 13″ with retina display, 512 GB HDD model.