The Zen of a Problem Solver

As an engineer, problem solver and a human,

I keep these principles closest to my heart:

  1. Providing best experience for users of my applications / solutions, because humans deserve better!
    I must focus on providing seamless, intuitive experiences which solves the problems in an efficient manner.
    To produce the best solutions possible, I must surround myself with best problem solvers, use best tools, consume best knowledge, live in the best environment possible ==> all of this helps me to produce best quality output, possible.
  2. Rigorously striving for automation
    Because humans deserve to do what they like to do!
    They must not be forced to do trivial grunt work, for this generation and / or the future generations. (Sometimes – better future for masses outweighs discomfort for some people of current generation – because “We borrow the ecosystem from our decedents”).
    Automation, when done right, making machines smarter and creative, with machine learning, deep learning – humans of future generations are freed from doing grunt mechanical tasks –
    “Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations we can perform without thinking”.
  3. Focus on Philosophy
    Philosophy, in simple terms, can be defined as “working on the ‘best’ ways of thinking about things!”
    Philosophy is the root reason of everything in life. I must focus on the philosophy behind everything I do, I must ask myself “why”. There IS a reason for everything – I must make that reason, the philosophy, as the center of my cause – I must embed it into my vision and progress towards it.
    REASON is the key element here. I have to be skeptical about the things around me, be infinitely curious and I must rigorously analyze the things through the glasses of logic and reason.

Effectively following these principles may help individuals to solve problems efficiently and create positive impact on the world.